Dancers that have been on pointe for approximately two years and have met technical and artistic requirements are considered for placement in our Jr Company. Dancers in this program take ballet 4-5 days in addition to their auxillary classes. 

Senior company dancers are 14 years old and have been on pointe for over 3 years. There are technical and artistic requirements to be in Senior Company and dancers audition in the fall for placement in the company.  Dancers in this program continue to take the 4-5 days of ballet in addition to their auxillary classes and rehearsals. 

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Monday 5:00-7:00 Jr Ballet / Pointe
Monday 5:00-7:00 Sr Ballet / Pointe

Tuesday 5:30-7:00 Jr/Sr Ballet / Pointe
Tuesday 7:00-7:45 Jr/Sr Tap
Tuesday 7:45-8:45 Jr/Sr Jazz/Contemp.

Wed. 5:00-7:00 Sr Ballet / Pointe

Thursday 5:00-6:00 Jr/Sr Lyrical
Thursday 6:00-7:30 Jr/Sr Ballet / Pointe
Thursday 7:45-8:45 Jr/Sr Contemp/Jazz

Saturday 9:00-10:00 African
Saturday 10:00-11:00 Hip Hop
Saturday 11:30-1:00 Jr/Sr Ballet / Pointe

Classical Ballet
3 days per week / $150 monthly
4-5 days per week / $200. monthly
Auxiliary Classes
Tap, Lyrical,
African, HipHop
$40. for each additional class
Contemporary Jazz
$80. for twice a week auxiliary classes.

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Dancers in Company participate in a full season. 

Contemporary Festival, Nutcracker, Classical Festival, Cinderella, Kaleidoscope, and many performances in the community!  

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