Aspirants Program

For the student that has identified dance as a career path they would like to pursue, we have developed an intensive training program to help them reach those goals. Students will train over 20 hours a week in technique, artistry, conditioning, pedagogy, coaching for high level auditions and competitions. These students will participate in all the performance season and will also go on tour with their work throughout the season to local communities and various outreach opportunities. 

Fall 2019 Portfolio Aspirants.jpg

Aspirant Requirements

Dancers must be 14 years old and must audition for placement in the program.  Dancers will be selected based on technical, artistic elements, flexibility, ability and goals. Each dancer will develop a "Dreams and Goals" plan for their year that will set standards, goals and benchmarks to help them (and the instructors) stay on pace to make those goals.  Strict attendance is expected and the dancer's priority must be this program (no other sports or intense activity that would conflict with the training schedule).  Dancers are required to dance 60 hours over the summer and encouraged to do more - in order to stay in shape and continue pursuit of their long term goals.